Pro-Life For Governor

Pro-Life(husband), and Kirsten Faith Richardson (wife), are independents for 2014, meaning they are not members of an Idaho political party.  The Idaho election laws require them to obtain 1,000 signatures (Pro-Life) and 50 signatures (Kirsten) to be on the 2014 General Election ballot in November.  Independents never have a primary even if there is more than one independent in the same  race.   Pro-Life has been in 2 races with 2 independents, US Senate in 2008 and Governor in 2010.  The Pro-Life family plans on running on the Constitution Party in the future.

Below, and through the top bar, you can read our reasons for running every two years.

In as much as, no legislature, nor Congress, has passed a law defining ‘personhood’ for the pre-born child, therefore, if Pro-Life becomes Governor he will declare that legal personhood begins at fertilization. On the first day of taking office Pro-Life will stop all abortions in Idaho, including chemical abortions. Just as a Governor can stop the execution of a convicted murderer, he also can stop the murder of innocent pre-born babies.

Roe v. Wade is not law. Courts do not make law. Court rulings are called opinions and are only binding on the parties of the court case. The reason we violate our state and Federal Constitutions, and allow court decisions to be viewed as law, is because members of Congress and state legislators refuse to discuss laws regarding volatile issues such as pre-born baby murder, homosexuality, pornography, real money, etc.

Legislators are big chickens, they covet office so they refuse to deal with divisive issues. They allow appointed judges to make the difficult decisions thereby destroying constitutional jurisdiction. Therefore, a chief executive recognizing this trashing of separation of powers should rule on pre-born baby murder and this will cause the public to become educated regarding constitutional jurisdiction. We need to save our pre-born babies from murder, and we also need education regarding constitutional jurisdiction.

Governors and Presidents seek to be popular, and are peer oriented, therefore they neglect to support constitutional government. When chief executives and legislators intentionally ignore constitutions, common law, natural law, and God’s law, the people suffer. If the people fail to elect honest men, then the nation is destroyed. If you do not like the candidates on the ballot, then you are obligated to put your name on the ballot.

Why do people like Pro-Life run for office? On Judgment Day, voters cannot say, “there was no one on the ballot worth voting for.”

We Are In A Depression!

  A nation and the world cannot prosper in wickedness.  It is folly to think we can turn our economy around without repentance. We can falsely stabilize our economy by giving government more control but this will cause loss of freedom.  This seems the path most people will choose. This world was created by our Father In Heaven and Jesus so weContinue Reading

Preborn baby murder and Congress

The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution says, …”nor shall any State deprive any person of life”… Senator Roger Wicker (R) MS has introduced a bill which defines ‘person’ as beginning at fertilization.  There are 12 cosponsors.  Senator Crapo is not a  cosponsor.  Any politician who is interested in stopping the holocaust of preborn baby murder will sponsor this bill. InContinue Reading

Constitutional Stand On The Issues

  The Constitution Party Platform is detailed.   We agree with this Platform nearly 100%.  A couple of things we do not agree with is nuclear power (under Energy), and that our nation was founded on Christianity (Preamble to the Platform).  See explanations below.  Splitting atoms murders atoms.  The result is radioactive waste that cannot be dealt with.  When mankind defiesContinue Reading

More On The Platform

Notice that ‘Sanctity Of Life’ is at the top of the list where it should be.  All other items are alphabetical.  Without life, you cannot have health, liberty, or property.  Under ‘Education’ this platform says nothing regarding States sponsoring public education.  Public education is a Communist doctrine,  Summary point 10 of the Communist Manifesto, (Marx and Engels, 1848), says, ”Free education for all children in public schools.” Continue Reading

What Would Pro-Life Do As Governor?

1-  Governor Otter says, “we have 3 ‘equal’ branches of government.”  This is wrong.  The legislative branch is superior to the other branches according to the Idaho Constitution.   Governor Otter uses his office to force his agenda on the legislature.  If you do not believe what I say, ask your State Rep. or Senator. 2-  I will vetoContinue Reading

From Paper To Gold

  When central banks issue paper money without 100% backing by gold, silver, or commodities, they are thieves and liars. A strict reading of the United States Constitution would only allow for gold and silver coins as money.  The US central bank, The Federal Reserve Bank,  is privately owned and has deceived the American  people into trading goldContinue Reading