About My Wife Kirsten


*  Kirsten Faith Richardson for  Idaho State Senate,  District 8 - 2014

Pro-Life and Kirsten are the same in attitude, faith, and philosophy so we do not need to reiterate  those positions for her 2014 Senate campaign. 

In our legislative district we do not have enough patriot men to fill the ballot spots.  Kirsten is the only politician in our district who will say that abortion is murder, unjust war is murder, perverts/adulterers should be jailed, and socialism is collective theft.

Kirsten spends very little time campaigning.  She does not neglect her calling as wife, mother, or home-school teacher.  Because of Kirsten’s involvement the voter is given a choice to vote for  someone who honors God and the Constitution.

In all of her races Kirsten has never spent any money campaigning. She does this as an encouragement to candidates who think they need money to run for office.

2006- Idaho State Representative, District 11:  Steven Thayn, 75%,   Kirsten Faith Richardson, 25%.

2008- Idaho State Senate, District 11:  Brad Little, 78%,  Kirsten Faith Richardson, 22%

2010- Idaho State Senate, District 11: Melinda Smyser, 73%,  Shannon Forrester 20%,  Kirsten Faith Richardson, 7%.

2012- Idaho State Senate, District 8: Steven Thayn, 61%,  Joanna Clausen, 31%,  Kirsten Faith Richardson, 8%.

2014-  Idaho State Senate,  District 8:  Steven Thayn, 71%,  Kirsten Faith Richardson, 29%.