Pro-Life For US Senate- 2016

This website will soon change to  PRO-LIFE for US SENATE.   Pro-Life will run for US Senate in  2016You can read my Governor positions and easily discern my Senate positions.   Be patient, I have a farm and a large family to look after.  I am my own webmaster.
We are thankful to the Constitution Party of Idaho for having us as members and candidates in 2016.  We were Constitution Party members prior from 1992 to 2006. 

We have always used the Constitution Party platform in our prior races to explain our positions.  You will notice that ‘Sanctity of Life’ is at the top with all other planks in alphabetical order.  This is a great platform.

My wife, Kirsten Faith Richardson, will be running for State Senate in 2016 in District 8,  Gem, Valley, Boise, Custer, and Lemhi counties.

Our son, Ammon Emanuel Prolife,  will also be running for Idaho State Legislature in 2016 District 8.  He is single, 24, and a partner in Pro-Life Organics,  www.IdahoBerry

Below, and by using the top bar,  you can read our reasons for running for office every two years.

As  US Senator, I would do the following:

1-   I  would reference every vote, or proposed legislation, with Article and Section, of the US Constitution.

2-   I will never vote for, or sponsor, any legislation unless it is compatible with the intent of the original, written Constitution or its amendments.

3-   I have asked our present Idaho congressional delegation to do the following, which they have refused to do:

A)  Introduce legislation defining “natural born citizen.”  They have refused numerous times.

B)   Impeach the President for intentionally violating the Constitution and exceeding his constitutional jurisdiction.  Labrador has said, “I will not do anything about impeachment at this time.”   Crapo, Risch, and Simpson have never replied to my requests re: the President needs to be impeached.  In my opinion, they all believe that the President needs impeachment  but they do not have the courage to speak out.  In fact,  no elected Republican at any level, has asked for impeachment.  Why would anyone support such a corrupt, wimpy, party like the GOP?

4-   Followers of Islam, if faithful, will always support Sharia Law above our Constitution, therefore, I say that no faithful Muslim can take an honest oath to follow the Constitution.  This should bar Muslims from being US citizens.

5-   I will introduce legislation defining legal personhood beginning at fertilization.

6-   A US Senator cannot introduce articles of impeachment, but a Senator should publicly ask the House to impeach any federal judge that exceeds his constitutional jurisdiction.  The federal judges exceed their jurisdiction almost daily.

7-   According to Article 1, Section 8, line 17,  all federal lands should belong to the states.  I would create legislation giving state ownership of all BLM, US Forest, etc. lands to the states.

8-   Article 4, Section 4, is totally being trashed.  The Congress, executive, and judicial branches are allowing “invasion of the states” (illegal immigration). Also, no state has a “republican” form of government-  all states have  strict population based legislatures- counties have no constitutional representation in the state legislatures as guaranteed by Art. 4, Section 4.  This began with the unconstitutional decision of the US Supreme Court in 1964,  Reynolds v. Sims.

9-    Congress needs to reverse its decision allowing open homosexuality in the military.  Ron Paul was one of six GOP that voted for open homosexuality.  You cannot rely on any Republican do the right thing, yes,  even Ron Paul.

10-   Congress needs to take back most trade agreement authority given to the Executive branch.  Congress needs to supervise trade agreements-  this is their responsibility.  Almost all of them do not recognize this.

11-  Congress has failed to declare war, or ‘mark and reprisal’,  according to Art. 1, Section 8, line 11.  Unjust war is murder and Congress is guilty of allowing the President to conduct unconstitutional war, and in many cases, unjust war.  


Just below:  is one reason we run for office-  Roe v Wade not being constitutionally decided-  a President or a Governor could do the following:

In as much as, no legislature, nor Congress, has passed a law defining ‘personhood’ for the pre-born child, therefore, if Pro-Life becomes Governor he will declare that legal personhood begins at fertilization. On the first day of taking office, Pro-Life will stop all abortions in Idaho, including chemical abortions. Just as a Governor can stop the execution of a convicted murderer, he can also stop the murder of innocent pre-born babies.

Roe v. Wade is not law. Courts do not make law. Court rulings are called decisions, and therefore, not being law, these decisions are only binding on the parties of the court case.  Congress is obligated to make law consistent with the Constitution. Congress has failed.  Congressmen are too wimpy to even discuss personhood for the pre-born babies,  there is not one of them that will do anything about baby murder.  If we cannot solve this holocaust murder of our babies will not have the courage to solve our other problems.

The reason we violate our state and Federal Constitutions, and allow court decisions to be viewed as law, is because members of Congress and state legislatures refuse to even discuss laws regarding volatile issues such as pre-born baby murder, homosexuality, adultery, pornography, real money, etc.

Legislators are big chickens, they covet office, and therefore, refuse to deal with divisive issues. They allow appointed judges to make the difficult decisions thereby destroying constitutional jurisdiction. Therefore, a chief executive recognizing this trashing of separation of powers should rule on pre-born baby murder and this will cause the public to become educated regarding constitutional jurisdiction. We need to save our pre-born babies from murder, and we also could learn constitutional  jurisdiction with Pro-Life as Governor or in the US Senate.

Governors and Presidents seek to be popular, and are peer oriented, therefore they neglect to support constitutional government. When chief executives and legislators intentionally ignore constitutions, common law, natural law, and God’s law, the people suffer. If the people fail to elect honest men, then the nation is destroyed. If you do not like the candidates on the ballot, then you are obligated to put your name on the ballot.

Why do people like the Pro-Life family run for office?  Answer: on Judgment Day, voters cannot say, “there was no one on the ballot worth voting for.”  We make voters accountable for hearing the truth, so stop reading if you are afraid of truth.