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When central banks issue paper money

When central banks issue paper money without 100% backing by gold, silver, or commodities, they are thieves and liars.

A strict reading of the United States Constitution would only allow for gold and silver coins as money. The US central bank, The Federal Reserve Bank, is privately owned and has deceived the American people into trading gold and silver for paper money. This is one of the major reasons for our present economic crisis.

When a nation is selfish enough to be deceived into murdering a large percentage of their unborn, patronizing sick sports and entertainment, stealing via the ballot box, that nation can easily be deceived and controlled by dishonest central banks.

The only reason we should ‘not’ return to gold and silver money is because privately owned central banks own about two-thirds of the world’s gold. We need to convince people that their central bank exchanged paper money for gold and silver in prior decades. These stolen precious metals must be returned to the appropriate nation, and central bank contracts repealed. We cannot go back to gold, if most of the gold is controlled by private bankers. Each nation needs to demand that these banks return their gold. Let the education begin and the decades of deceit be revealed.

In asking for an audit of the Federal Reserve we should insist that the gold that was confiscated by Executive Order of FDR in 1933 be accounted for.