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*  Pro-Life For US  Senate- Idaho – 2016
*  Kirsten Faith Richardson (wife of Pro-Life) for  Idaho State Senate,  District 8 – 2016

*Ammon Prolife for State House,  District 8 – 2016  c.  208-995-1720

Box 5
Letha, Idaho 83636 That is a Q not a G

(208) 365-4262

(208) 869-2619

Letha is about 10 miles west of Emmett in Gem County.

We live on a farm 3 miles SW of Letha.
We will be placing  information on this website in the next few weeks.
Please contact us directly for more information.
This is a farm kitchen table-top campaign in response to the party candidates who are well funded, obscure the issues, try not to offend, compromise the truth, and entice the voter to vote ‘for the lesser of evils.’
Abortion is murder, unjust war is murder, and democratic socialism is collective theft.