Pro-Life For Idaho

What Would Pro-Life Do As Governor?

1- Governor Otter says, “we have 3 ‘equal’ branches of government.” This is wrong. The legislative branch is superior to the other branches according to the Idaho Constitution. Governor Otter uses his office to push his agenda on the legislature. If you do not believe what I say, ask your State Rep. or Senator.

2- I will veto all bills that are unconstitutional and the legislature would have to override with a two-thirds vote. Even if 100% of the legislature voted for an unconstitutional bill, I would still veto, so I could teach constitutional fidelity in my veto statement.

3- I will promote gold and silver coin as the only legal currency. Federal Reserve Notes are an irredeemable, worthless, counterfeit, ponzi scheme.

4- I will form a commission to study convicts in Idaho custody, so as to reduce costs to taxpayers. For example, an illegal alien in Idaho prison, or on parole, for theft should be sent to his home country. I will never commute a sentence if the convict is dangerous to the life, health, property, or morals of others.

5- I will promote legislation to reduce spending on all education, health, welfare, and recreational programs, leading to the elimination of these programs. Idaho would be the nation’s most prosperous state if we had the least government.

6- I will never pay for alcohol from my personal or state funds.

7- I will not travel out of state, to promote Idaho, using state funds.

8- I will not accept free entry to events.

9- I will promote healthy food for state dependents and prisoners.

10- Idaho gov’t institutions need to grow more of their own food. Sorry vendors. People who are wards of the State need to grow their own food and work on State lands.

11- Idaho is losing sales and businesses to Oregon (no sales tax), Washington (no sales tax on food), Montana (no sales tax), Wyoming (less sales tax). We need ‘sales tax free’ zones along our borders. If we reduce the size and scope of government we could eliminate sales tax and other taxes.

12- I will order the Idaho National Guard to ‘stand down’ from Federal call-up to undeclared and unjust wars. Could a governor prevail over the US President regarding an illegal war?

13- I will support a “trigger law” for Idaho, in the event, the federal government suspends any of The Bill of Rights or Constitutional rights. Federal suspension of rights, or declaration of martial law, would trigger a law ordering all Idahoans to resist federal confiscation of firearms, resist restrictions on right to assemble, and resist restrictions on right to free speech, etc. This trigger law would also cause the State Legislature to immediately convene.

14- I will attend at least 2 church services each week, never at the same church. I am a devout Christian. My motive would be to create moral activism in the churches. The churches are not taking responsibility for community morals like they should.

15- I will be, at times, in the streets myself, in front of homeless shelters, porn shops, gay parades, bars, Planned Murderhood, etc. trying to help those who are confused and in need. I would do this in a loving manner just as I do now.

16- I will give to the needy almost all of my salary. Government social spending never solves problems, it only increases them. Look at our Indian reservations to see the result of long term gov’t aid. Social functions are the not the proper role of government. If education and social functions are ‘not’ done in love, via free-will, we get today’s selfish, hedonistic American culture.

17- I will not accept any stimulus money. The Legislature would have to override me on this. Stimulus money is created by theft and it is unconstitutional.

18- I will promote jury decisions through a fully educated jury as the best form of justice.

19- I believe that states can nullify unconstitutional federal laws. I also believe that a state can secede from the Union. Wisconsin passed laws in the 1850′s nullifying the Fugitive Slave Laws. Wisconsin would not return slaves to the South thus defying the US Supreme Court and Congress.

20- I am against the government licensing of professions and occupations. This is not a proper role of gov’t. Licensing creates monopolies and shortages of professionals in most cases. Regulation of professions should be a non-governmental function which would create competition and innovation between competing groups.

21- I am promoting the impeachment of President Obama for implementing treaty agreements with Russia without a vote of the Senate, conducting unconstitutional war, and many other unconstitutional acts. President Obama likes the idea of Federal law supplanting all state laws. Obama claimed foreign citizenship in applying for scholarship funds while attending college. I believe Obama is not a US citizen. I believe Obama has things in his background which allow him to be blackmailed. Just the right guy for fascist bankers.

22- I will promote alternative health and medical practices. People should not be forced by government to vaccinate.

23- I will make appointments based on honesty, morals, and integrity. People with good character can adapt to new responsibilities, but people with selfish motives should not be trusted unless they repent. If a person does not have faith in a perfect, eternal justice based on following his conscience in this life, then that person will ultimately not have the strength to resist temptation. Jesus Christ, our Resurrected God, can give us strength to resist temptation.

24- I will do everything I can to have illegal aliens deported from Idaho. Illegal aliens should not receive welfare and education benefits. I like these people and it is not entirely their fault that they are here. The Dems and Repubs created this situation. No person entering the US illegally should ever recieve voting rights, even if the Federal government gives them citizenship.

25- As I campaign, I hear many stories regarding corruption in certain convictions. I will personally investigate any allegation of misuse of power and cover-up of mistakes by State authorities with the motive to protect careers. No person will remain in State custody so that judges and prosecutors can cover up their mistakes. The innocent and abused will have a Governor that will seek justice.

26- I will promote laws and programs so that prisoners and parolees can work on the cleaning of roadways, forests, vacant lots, public lands, etc.

27- I will use all of my power and influence to stop the secret, administrative decisions of the Health and Welfare Department. All custody, adoption, and child protective decisions should be done in open court. At present, many of the Bill of Rights are denied in Health & Welfare decisions. Some bad decisions are made by H & W. The Governor and State leadership refuse to review these decisions.

28- I will promote a State Militia made up of citizens with personal firearms. This will be voluntary and unpaid therefore not increasing the tax burden. Self protection, and the right to protect innocent life, is an inalienable, natural, God-given right and I will protect that right with my own blood and life if necessary. I will ask the Legislature to nullify all Federal firearm laws.

29- I will work to get Idaho GMO products labeled as such. After labeling, I will work to outlaw GMO’s from being produced in Idaho. I will promote organic agriculture.

30- If state judges resign prior to being reelected, (for the purpose of allowing the judicial appointment committee to nominate unelected future incumbents) I will counter this corrupt practice by appointing only judges who will promise they will not seek election to their appointed position. Judges have been resigning without good cause so as to allow the governor to appoint a replacement, thus allowing a judicial nominating clique to give incumbency status to friends.

31- I will ask the people of Idaho to not participate in communist, fascist health care, hopefully the State Legislature will pass laws restricting Idaho officials from implementing OtterCare/ObamaCare. I will be 73 in a short time, and my family has not, and we will not participate in socialized medicine. We do not participate in Medicare. We will not patronize any exchange-network doctors or hospitals in the future.

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Pro-Life For Governor

Pro-Life(husband), and Kirsten Faith Richardson(wife), are independents, meaning they are not members of an Idaho political party. The Idaho election laws require them to obtain 1,000 signatures (Pro-Life) and 50 signatures (Kirsten) to be on the 2014 General Election ballot in November. Independents never have a primary even if there is more than one independent in the same race. Pro-Life has been in 2 races with 2 independents, US Senate in 2008 and Governor in 2010.

Pro-Life and Kirsten are members of a national party which is not on the Idaho ballot, It will take about 17,000 signatures to get the IAP on the Idaho ballot.

Below, and through the top bar, you can read our reasons for running every two years.

In as much as, no legislature, nor Congress, has passed a law defining ‘personhood’ for the pre-born child, therefore, if Pro-Life becomes Governor he will declare that legal personhood begins at fertilization. On the first day of taking office Pro-Life will stop all abortions in Idaho, including chemical abortions. Just as a Governor can stop the execution of a convicted murderer, he also can stop the murder of innocent pre-born babies.

Roe v. Wade is not law. Courts do not make law. Court rulings are called opinions and are only binding on the parties of the court case. The reason we violate our state and Federal Constitutions, and allow court decisions to be viewed as law, is because members of Congress and state legislators refuse to discuss laws regarding volatile issues such as pre-born baby murder, homosexuality, pornography, real money, etc.

Legislators are big chickens, they covet office so they refuse to deal with divisive issues. They allow appointed judges to make the difficult decisions thereby destroying constitutional jurisdiction. Therefore, a chief executive recognizing this trashing of separation of powers should rule on pre-born baby murder and this will cause the public to become educated regarding constitutional jurisdiction. We need to save our pre-born babies from murder, and we also need education regarding constitutional jurisdiction.

Governors and Presidents seek to be popular, and are peer oriented, therefore they neglect to support constitutional government. When chief executives and legislators intentionally ignore constitutions, common law, natural law, and God’s law, the people suffer. If the people fail to elect honest men, then the nation is destroyed. If you do not like the candidates on the ballot, then you are obligated to put your name on the ballot.

Why do men like Pro-Life run for office? On Judgment Day, voters cannot say, “there was no one on the ballot worth voting for.”

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